Learn more about Metricks’ features and how your brand can benefit from them.

1. In-App Messaging

There are several benefits to using Metrick’s in-app messaging feature. These include:

  • Advertiser admin control - This feature enables advertisers to send messages to all affiliates in their network. Advertisers can also disable and enable affiliates from starting chats with admin accounts. 

  • Create affiliate marketing groups - Advertisers can create marketing groups and add as many affiliates as they want. They can enable access to specific campaigns, drive conversation between high-performing affiliates and offer incentives to boost motivation.


  • Full Control: Advertisers can also view and manage their marketing groups, remove affiliates, delete groups, move affiliates from one group to another and change the name of the group.

  • In-app triggers - Advertisers can enable "in-app triggers" that automatically send messages to affiliates when certain actions are performed. Some of these actions include new affiliate sign-up, a new lead or purchase, approved or declined affiliates, creation of payout, paid commissions, new conversions, and commission, affiliate recruitment, etc.

  1. One-Time Access Sign Up

This feature provides affiliates access to all the Advertiser's LIVE campaigns with a single sign-up. Advertisers have the ultimate control and can enable or disable affiliates from accessing certain campaigns. Benefits include:

  • Access all Campaigns: With a single sign-up, affiliates can access all the advertiser-enabled campaigns. 

  • Marketing: Advertisers do not have to market new campaigns or drive unique affiliate sign-ups to each campaign separately. With this feature, they can provide information about each LIVE campaign and drive new affiliate interests.

  • Custom Questions: Advertisers can set custom questions on each campaign before affiliates can access them. With full admin control, they can also decline and accept affiliate campaign access requests.

  • Single Dashboard View: Affiliates can view and promote all the advertiser's LIVE campaigns from one dashboard. 

  1. Generate Unique affiliate Links

Advertisers and affiliates can generate unique affiliate tracking links that will be used to attribute conversions to a specific affiliate. This link can be shared directly to social media through the advertiser and affiliate dashboards, via email, and also included on their websites. Benefits include:

  • Attribution: whenever a purchase is made using a unique affiliate link, Metricks will use the cookie to identify the affiliate and credit the attribution accordingly. 

  • Direct social media post: Advertisers and affiliates can post directly to their social media pages from their dashboards with a readymade template. 

  • Multi-Level Marketing (MLM): Advertisers can enable the MLM feature for each campaign, giving affiliates the ability to recruit other affiliates with their network to promote the product/service.

  1. Real-time Push Notifications

Enable push notifications from your Metricks dashboard and get updates in real-time whenever important events like payouts, new leads, and conversions happen. Benefits include:

  • New conversions: When a lead converts, Metricks immediately sends a push notification to the advertiser and the affiliate responsible for the conversion.

  • New Commission: Get notified when a conversion creates a commission. 

  • New Affiliate: When new affiliates sign up, advertisers will get a notification and can choose to either decline or approve the affiliates.