Ready to start with Metricks? Find out how to make the most of your affiliate marketing programs.

What is Metricks?

Metricks is an affiliate marketing tracking software developed to help online businesses (eComm and Saas) create, manage and automate affiliate marketing campaigns. With Metricks, they can provide referral links, coupons, etc, and track affiliate-driven conversions.

So how does Metricks really work?

  • First, integrate Metricks into your website by copying and pasting special codes from your Metricks dashboard into your website. These codes will track your clicks and conversions and report back to Metricks.
  • Generate a unique affiliate link to drive affiliate sign-ups to promote your campaign. Using our marketing template, you can share this link directly from your Metricks dashboard to your social media pages, website, and even email contacts to join your campaign as affiliates. 
  • When customers click those unique affiliate links, the code placed on your website is triggered and it sends data to Metricks on clicks or conversions.
  • The affiliates are rewarded a commission for each conversion made from their unique referral links. 
  • Metricks offers you an admin dashboard where you can see all your data and manage your campaigns. 
  • Your affiliates can use their unique links to sign up and log in to their dashboards, where they can download and/or share marketing assets to social media, track their conversions, view commissions, and, if enabled, recruit other affiliate marketers under the MLM feature. 

Launching your first campaign

  • Set your campaign goals: First have in mind what you want to achieve with your campaign. You can set a campaign goal and Metricks will let you know if you are meeting your impression, clicks, AOV, and affiliate sales target. 
  • Integrate: Ensure you have tested your integration and it’s working perfectly. Our support team is always available if you run into any trouble setting up your integration and need some help.
  • Test Order: Run tests before launching your campaign, you ensure that Metricks is tracking your orders and/or subscription accurately. 
  • Customize your campaign: Design an attractive signup page that represents your brand’s identity. Select your template, take control by editing the word contents, uploading your logo and favicon, or including the terms and conditions of your campaign. 
  • Invite affiliates: Spread the word, and let affiliates know you have a new campaign for them to sign up for. You can also invite old customers to help promote your business and share it on your social accounts directly from your dashboard or set up features like the post-purchase widget and post-purchase email.
  • Upload marketing creatives: Upload downloadable and shareable marketing creatives for your affiliates to use in their advertising. This can include eBooks, flyers, how-to videos, pictures, links, landing pages, etc.
  • Set up Trigger Notifications: Maintain your brand’s identity by setting up and customizing your email communication channel with our templates for every event in the network. Receive updates in real-time when you enable trigger notifications for events like new affiliate signups and new commissions.