After setting up your Metricks account, and creating a campaign, the next step is building your affiliate sign-up page. We have made this process very seamless for you by providing five easy-to-customize templates.

You should put a few things in place while customizing any of the templates.

  • There are five fully customizable templates;

    • Formal

    • Trendy

    • Pop

    • Playful

    • Dawn

  • Each template comes with its own default fonts, colors, and theme. Now, you want to choose the template that best resonates with your brand.

  • Each template has a primary and secondary color; you can change these colors to match your existing website or eCommerce store.

  • Choose your CTA from the list or create a custom one.

  • Edit your welcome message.

  • Add your program’s terms and conditions

  • Upload your logo.

  • Select your language, and your sign-up page will be available to your affiliates in this language. However, your affiliates may be able to change this language from their individual browsers using tools like Google Translate.

You will be able to preview your changes in real-time while you work and you can change your sign-up page anytime from your dashboard by going to Settings > Sign Up Template.

You can edit your affiliate sign-up page anytime from your dashboard by navigating to Campaigns > Edit Campaigns.