Almost 100% of customers would purchase a product based on the recommendation of a trusted friend or relative over a random ad. The main goal of every business owner, including you, is to keep customers coming back and spreading the word about your business, right?

In this guide, we will learn about our post-purchase email feature and how it can help grow your brand's affiliate marketing strategy.

How It Works

After a verified purchase, you can invite your new customer to join your affiliate program by sending them an email right away. You can automate this process in your dashboard so that an email would be received after every purchase.

You can also find stats such as bounce rates, conversion rates, and attachment-open rates.  Bear in mind that some customers may choose to try out your product to see if they will recommend it.

When someone likes a product, they want to be its advocate, sometimes even for free. They recommend it to the people they know, share reviews online, and may participate in special projects and promo campaigns organized by the brand.

By doing this, they can significantly enhance the brand’s customer base. The first step to leveraging this is to have a great product on your digital shelves. I would also advise sending auto follow-up emails to customers whom you think may have ignored your invitation. They just might be waiting to see how great your product is before they take a step further.

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Setting Up the Post-Purchase Email

  1. In your dashboard, go to 'Getting Started'.

  2. Click the enable post-purchase email button

  3. Customize the email copy

  4. Click complete

Post-purchase Email or Post-purchase Widget?

In a nutshell, we recommend both. As explained above, some customers would prefer to use and test your product before signing up. They may disregard your email invitation, some may not even see it in their inboxes due to a high bounce rate.

Meanwhile, it is almost impossible to miss a pop-up after checking out. On the other hand, for customers who may ignore or miss your pop-up for any reason, sending auto follow-up emails is a great way to remind them that you still want them to sign up to promote the product they have purchased.