Follow the steps below to integrate Meticks with your WooCommerce store

Step 1: Log in to your advertiser dashboard here

Step 2: Click Gettting Started

Step 3: Expand the 'Integrate Metricks With Your Website' menu.

Step 4: Click the "Integrate" button under the WooCommerce logo

You will be redirected to the Metricks For WooCommerce Plugin page

NB: Be sure you are logged into your WordPress account before moving on. If you are logged in, you will find your username at the top right corner of the page.

NB: Hitting the 'Download' button will download Metricks plugin as a zip file that you can upload to WordPress. We recommend skipping this step and heading to your WooCommerce admin dashboard.

Step 5: Login to your WooCommerce website admin

Step 6: Open the Plugins and select Add New

Step 7: In the search box, enter "Metricks For WooCommerce" and hit enter.

Step 8: Click Install Now

Step 9: Click Activate

Step 9: Enter your Metricks API key

Step 10: Enter your Affiliate URL of the campaign and hit save