This is a simple questionnaire with the aim of gathering some information from your potential affiliates before they are allowed access to your campaigns.


You might want to ask affiliates questions related to;

  • Their experience
  • Current affiliate engagements
  • Their expectations
  • What competing brand they have promoted or are promoting
  • Other red flags questions

To set this up, from your dashboard go to Settings > Custom Onboarding > Authentication.

You can also set up custom questions for your affiliates to answer.

  • Go to setting and expand the custom onboarding menu.
  • Click on authentication

  • Click on the Add New Field button.


1. Choose the title of your new field.

    e.g. How many social media followers do you have?

2. Monitor you new field and see how it appears in real time.

3. Add a description.

    e.g. You can also list what social platforms you are active on.

4. Select the input type.

    You can create a drop down for 'yes' or 'no' questions or allow the affiliates to type in     texts.

  • Hit Save Changes.

Read this article to learn more on how to onboard your affiliates.