Learn about supported marketing asset types and how you can upload these materials for your affiliates to share with their audiences.

Before we dive in deeper, let's cover some common questions.

What are Marketing assets?

Marketing assets are creatives and other branding materials used to educate people about and promote products, services, or brands. These assets can be physical, like brochures, or digital, such as web content.

What Type of Files Are Supported?

  • Images
  • Videos
  • PDF Files

Your affiliates' default marketing asset is their referral link - this is generated the very moment they sign up and is made available to them from the moment they are approved to join your program. 

But what if you have a wealth of other assets you'd like your affiliates to share with their audiences? 

With Metricks, you can easily upload marketing assets and place them at your affiliates' fingertips. 

That way, your affiliates can confidently fetch, post, and share your creatives to help promote your business in just a few clicks. Not only does this aid them in their promotional efforts, but they will also earn a commission if someone accesses your website through the assets they've shared.

You can upload files in the Marketing assets menu in your dashboard.