Advertisers on Metricks will receive a prompt to select between automatic and manual commission approval after signing up. These categories of commission determine whether conversions are approved automatically or first examined by an account manager.

Subsequently, depending on your choice, your affiliates will be paid their commissions. Automatically or would need the advertiser's manual approval.

Manual Commission Approval

If you choose manual approval, you will receive a notification of all transactions that come in. With this feature, you’ll be able to review each conversion.

This is a good way to monitor and understand your leads better. However, if you have too many conversion rates in a day, it can be daunting to approve all the same day.

Pros of manual approval

  • Getting hands-on with conversion

Cons of manual approval

  • Inability to approve too many conversions within a short period of time.
  • There’ll be many pending conversions awaiting approvals. 
  • Time-consuming

Here's how to activate manual commission approval:

Go to dashboard > campaign > create campaign > commission approval > manual

Automatic Commission Approval

An excellent way to solve manual commission approval is the introduction of its opposite - automatic commission approval. This method is stress-free and simple for those who have many leads. In automatic commission, there is no room for reviewing anything.

It helps you to complete easy conversion approval, without the stress of constant. Where there's an automatic conversion process, payment will also be automatic. 

Pros of automatic approval

  • Very fast and reliable 
  • Mass approval of commissions
  • Saves stress

Cons of automatic approval

  • Inability to view and cross-check each conversion. 
  • Increases your risk of affiliate fraud

Here's how to activate automatic commission approval:

Go to dashboard > campaign >  create new campaign > commission approval > automatic